City Mystic Paris Daily Dose- The Fool

City Mystic Paris Daily Dose- The Fool


Hi Friends and Loved Ones!

Its another summer and another Kickstarter campaign is upon us! City Mystic • Paris is live on Kickstarter, and this year I’m doing some things a little differently. Rather than bombard you with cards and card info, I’ve decided to give you the daily dose of the deck! We’re beginning at the beginning, with The Fool. So without further adieu, let’s take a peek at the history, the phase of development and the meaning of this card in a reading…

The Fool

We begin our journey through Paris with the Fool, the witness, the observer, the one who hops in with both feet. An image of a diving silhouette is captured in a Montmartre gallery window just around the corner from a home Van Goh lived in during his publishing days. The window reflects the beautiful architectural landscape that defines the neighborhood. Known as the Bohemian center of Paris, Montmartre is a neighborhood alive and thriving in art, music and culture. It is the art center of Paris. Another pice of street art, the photographer, captures a shot of the diving figure, joining the composition from another space in Montmartre- at the very top of the hill just behind Sacre Cour. The reflective mid-day surface of the Sienne lends her light and flow to the feeling of the Fool, blending together to create a sense of the wonder of diving in feet-first to Paris, the City of Light.

The Fool’s journey is a path of individuation, or finding one’s true Self. Our Fool begins her excursion by diving in to the alchemical experience Paris holds consciously, knowingly, as a witness to her own adventure. She is the experiencer and witness of her own transformation. Taking her leap into the City of Paris marks the beginning of a tremendously important journey deep into her own soul and its mythos. She is primed for a life-altering experience.

In a reading the Fool announces an initial step in a direction that could well transform the experiencer on deep levels. When we see the Fool in a reading we have the chance to take on any personal transformation consciously, to own its impact and take it on headfirst. We might not feel prepared for the journey that awaits. Nevertheless, we reach an initiation wherein we are asked to jump in feet-first and trust that the waters of life will catch us. Its a card of ultimate trust, and ultimate unknowns. Just be sure to make it conscious or one may run the risk of behaving foolishly rather than awakening the gifts that come from embarking on the Fool’s journey.