Daily Dose #2 The Magician

Daily Dose #2 The Magician

Hi Friends!

I’m *literally* writing you from the City Mystic booth at the beloved Bay Area Tarot Symposium because I PROMISED Daily Doses of City Mystic • Paris and I meant my promise :)

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Aptly, today we focus our lens on the Magician. So without further adieu, here she is:


The artist Aristide Maillol (1861-1944) cast a series of nude bronze sculptures placed in the Tuileries, one of which is the Nymph. She is the most playful, most knowing-eyed of the trio nestled within a path of tall shrubs just below the grand palace entry. Josep Pla once said of Maillol, “These archaic ideas, Greek, were the great novelty Maillol brought into the tendency of modern sculpture. What you need to love from the ancients is not the antiquity, it is the sense of permanent, renewed novelty, that is due to the nature and reason.” Combined with this flavor of ancient permanence is the truth and fruit of modern Parisian culture: street art, rebellion, honesty and defiance are the core truths permeating city walls and alley ways. The street art found in this image comes from a small wall space off the beaten path near Rue Lepic, the hotbed of art galleries, wine shops and leading-edge art culture in Paris. Its a small space of wall found right next to a tiny gallery filled with street-art styled clothes and modular sculptures. Together the essence of Parisian magick is almost palpable- whether it be in the inhabiting nature of the Nymph or the truth-telling, core of the modern People, art is truly the grand Magician of Paris.

Along the Fool’s journey comes the experience of manifestation, incarnation, birth even. An essence is made real, or human, and that essence is prime for transformation through life experience. A code of contract may have been created prior to incarnation, but is not until a soul manifests in a body that the true magick of life experience and evolution can begin. The Magician is an experience of a primary conscious symphony between purpose, or core vibration, and physical form, or manifestation. It is the birth of a physicalized potential.

Readings featuring the Magician share nudges that its time to manifest, congeal or otherwise wrap one’s head, heart, spirit and materials around a core idea. All the tools necessary to manifest the idea are at hand. Focus is what is needed to bring something to life. Sometimes this can be a card of stepping into a new manifestation of self. For instance, in the case of artists and writers, The Magician could denote a time to create a specific body of work with a strong core message that is ready to bring to life and eventually share with the world. Its time to write that book, create that piece, congeal that message and make art of your inner motivations. Occasionally this card can serve as a warning: be sure not to buy into falsehoods. A true Magician does not need smoke and mirrors to elicit strong emotional, genuine responses. A true Magician only needs pure authenticity and plenty of focus.

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