Daily Dose #3 The High Priestess

Daily Dose #3 The High Priestess

I’m back with another Daily Dose! Today we’ll have 2 cards featured so check back for the second post soon! I’m back from an incredibly fun, busy weekend in San Jose, CA. The Bay Area Tarot Symposium was a wonderful experience filled with beautiful connections, new friendships and an ever-expanding path for City Mystic! I’m pleased to announce that City Mystic • New York is now carried by Devera Publishing and Distribution and can also be found in the Sacred Well book store in Oakland, CA. Hooray!

Let’s get down to business… Today we move further into our experience of Tarot through the eyes of Paris… and we come to a very special phase along our journey, the High Priestess.



High Priestess

Paris is a city that is steeped in pride and self-celebration. The Hotel DeVille, sitting at the edge of the Marias along side the River Sienne, is the ultimate culmination of this energy. Littered in statues representing heroes of Paris past, the building is crowned with the stern, flowing fertile statue sitting atop the large grand clock in the very center of the building called, simply, Paris. She represents the depth, beauty, fortitude and magick of the very city herself, encompassing the passion of her people. Her majestic qualities are highlighted in combination with a very different architectural structure found in the Montmartre cemetery. It is the door to someone’s final resting place, and it depicts the sStar of David along with four symbols wrapped around representative of the four worlds of the Tree of Life- Atziluth or the world of Archetypes, Briah, or the creative world, Yetzirah, also known as the Astral plane, and Assiah or the Material world. Together these form the elements of the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, material close to the High Priestess’ realm.

In the essence of the Magician our Fool found her purpose, or her potential more to the point. But alas, in order to truly embark on the long journey of self-actualization, she must be fueled with a sense of depth, of greater connection beyond survival. The High Priestess introduces us to the inner Wise One, the part of ourselves that is able to convene with the divine, with the inexplicable, with the unnamable. This is our deepest, most fundamental feminine principle- that of flowing with knowing. The High Priestess is an important mile marker on our journey, an initiation of our inner divinity. With this power we can move worlds.

In readings The High Priestess appears to evoke our inner knowing-ness. We might not have linear answers or ideas, but we are being urged to move in the direction of intuition and intuitive knowing. Trust washes over us. Strength comes from connecting with our personal sense of flow, our personal divine mythology, our higher selves. Some message may have been trying to meet us for some time. When she appears it is a signal to look more deeply into messages which may seem insignificant- those numbers that keep appearing, or that invitation that keeps popping up… there’s something there for us if only we are willing to step out of our linear thinking long enough to make their messages conscious. She is the link to the deep unconscious mind, and as such urges you to trust your spiritual wisdom to carry you down the river of life.

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Many Blessings Until Next Time,

Ginnie Jester
City Mystic