Daily Dose #4 The Empress

Daily Dose #4 The Empress




Its another day and another image feature! Time is ticking away quickly and as I sat down to manage the City Mystic • Paris Kickstarter campaign today I was reminded of all that went into getting City Mystic • New York off the ground. In true Throwback Thursday fashion, before we look at the Empress I thought it was a perfect opportunity to honor the essence of the Empress by remembering the very Empress-esque energy that’s gone into bringing the City Mystic project to life… let’s take a short journey through time as we prime our minds and psyches for the message of the Empress today!


Close to my heart- a modeling shoot I did with one of my first photography mentors when I was 18 years old. To have come to the point of crafting City Mystic • new York 13 years later was a special experience for me personally as an artist.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

City Mystic • New York at my first gallery show in San Francisco at SF Live Worms Gallery in the heart of Norhtbeach.


Making the first Collector’s copies of City Mystic • New York real.

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It was an honor to be shared on the same page as so many wonderful photography projects on Kickstarter with New York.

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First boxes of City Mystic • New York commercial copies after successfully funding on Kickstarter in September 2014

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First Kickstarter shipments packaged and ready to ship in October 2014.


Landing City Mystic • New York in Namaste Bookshop in Manhattan right down the street from the art piece that became the Magician card in City Mystic • New York was surreal experience this past April 2015.


Meeting fans of City Mystic • New York in NYC at the renowned Reader’s Studio 2015 was the experience of a lifetime.


City Mystic • New York evolved into a Poker deck! Coming October to ginniejester.com

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The Empress

Montmartre being the creative center of Paris houses some of the world’s most beautiful and progressive street art. World-famous street artist Akiza, with a gallery close by on Rue Tholozé, has several fascinating images coloring the neighborhood of gritty black and white child-like figures. This one happened to be situated perfectly next to the profile of what could be received as the quintessential modern Parisian woman: sleek, poised, refined, strong and tough enough to brave the city streets each and every day. Another gallery artist from further down Rue Tholozè creates paintings rooted in the broken glass shards still held together delicately in the display window.  Sitting atop it all is another face of the Parisian Empress, a sculpture found on the Alexander Bridge by sculptor Gustave Michel. Her name is La France Conteporaine, also know as woman, and she represents the ideal representation of well-to-do ladies of France from the late 1800’s. The Empress of Paris has many faces, but in all of them is a quality of incredible strength, grace, a gentle toughness and refined beauty.

In our personal life narrative the Empress is a representation of our earliest experiences with mothering, nurturing, gentle sustenance and fertility. She is the place-holder for those qualities which we develop within ourselves to consider how our influence can benefit the well being of another life, how we can engage in right action, where we hold the seeds of our soul and how we maintain our vitality. The core nature of the Empress is creativity for the sake of creation, and the lesson of loving and maintaining that creativity as it grows, develops and individuates. No matter our personal experience of mothering or lack thereof, the Empress is a constant expression of that natural human energetic code to nurture our most beloved creations from start to finish and to birth them successfully into the world in physical form.

In readings the Empress is an indicator of our innate creative force. Sometimes we are in need of her influence, others we seem to find ourselves oozing these qualities. Occasionally this card can indicate a time to birth a physical child, however more often it is a physical manifestation close to our hearts that can feel like a beloved “baby” in the form of art, creative ventures and/or nurturing familial relationships. She is our core ‘human’ femininity, taking cues from the High Priestess and making them somatic or tangible. She is a cue to get in touch with our femininity, regardless of whether we are male or female, and to alchemize or otherwise integrate the feminine principle of creative nurturing in whatever we find ourselves reading about.

To contribute and participate please head to the Kickstarter campaign! Only 21 days remain and there is still a lot of money needed to make this next deck a reality. No amount is too small and every single little contribution, share and link helps!

Blessings Friends!

Ginnie Jester
City Mystic