Mercury Retrograde Shipping Delays

Mercury Retrograde Shipping Delays



Hi Friends!

I hope you are making the most of these wild times! Happy birthday to all you Libras out there! As you may know, we are amidst a Mercury Retrograde while approaching the Aries Full Moon eclipse. The energy around us is shaking things up and some of us are feeling a bit like we are in a Tower situation… one that is mixed with really wonderful prospects as well as many painful realizations.

Hang in there, the energies ease up substantially nexty week. Take this weekend as a true finalization of material from long ago, a bit like a Judgement experience in Tarot terms. Some potentially helpful advice: whatever is bothering you, if something is bothering you, has come to a close. Its time to see it as part of you that needs to be released. Let it go and get ready for your new life to begin fully. We’ve all been through a massive transformation. Take a breath. Give a breath. Let the next chapter begin.



As we move into these energies I have some practical updates about City Mystic • New York Poker Edition and the Collector’s Edition of City Mystic • Paris… There is an official Mercury Retrograde Shipping Delay at work!

The shipping date of October 1st is unfortunately going to be pushed back until November 1st. In addition to several life situations that have suddenly cropped up taking huge chunks of time out of my work schedule, my hard drive and motherboard both crashed last week at the onset of Mercury Retrograde. Thankfully, its being repaired and I will be back up and running again soon, but its made shipments a bit delayed on all angles, and I have been unable to submit art for the printing of either deck. Paris is a bit delayed in the post-production process as a result of the time loss. I do apologize for the delays and want you to know that it hasn’t been without a fight that this deadline will pass us by.


Screenshot 2015-06-23 15.34.53

I am listening to the rhythm of the Universe and accepting that its time for a clean slate and a break from heavy-duty digital work for me for a short time. Both decks are turning out so beautifully- I am VERY much looking forward to shipping them to you soon! We all know how quickly time is flying 😉

I want also to say many thanks again to all of you for your support, interest, patience, kindness and love. The most wonderful facet of being an artist/tarot reader/creative person is sharing my heart and soul with YOU. So thank you for joining me on this indie journey <3