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Virginia Jester, Ginnie, as she’s known by many, is a Tarot Reader, Educator, Spiritual Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner, Artist and Writer from San Francisco, CA. Trained formally as a Massage Therapist, Health Educator, Herbalist, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Counselor, Ginnie has spent her adult life traveling, studying and practicing the holistic healing arts. Having completed intensive reader training with trusted reader, Diana Taylor of London’s Treadwells, Ginnie currently shares her healing wisdom with others through Tarot, Astrology, Art (see her online boutique of headpieces, EmpressHouseBoutique.com for more) and Herbal Remedies.

She calls her work Magnum Opus, a phrase used in alchemy to describe its aims as “the great work” of our lives, encompassing all the modalities she adores. Ginnie currently lives in Sacramento, the city of trees located in Northern California with her two daughters. She was first certified as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator in 2001 at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, Ca, which was the beginning of her winding work path in the holistic healing arts.

She has since continued her education in holistic healing, spiritual counseling, mysticism and divination for the purpose of helping her clients heal self-esteem issues in various programs. In 2006 she enrolled in a Master Herbalist program with the Global College of Natural Medicine. In 2008 she studied Spiritual Counseling with an emphasis on Self-Parenting and Inner Child work through the Holistic Learning Center in New Jersey. In October 2012 Ginnie completed her readers training with Diana Granger-Taylor of London’s Treadwells, although she began her Tarot studies in 2007. She continues her journey as a student of the healing and spiritual arts while teaching workshops, working with clients and students, producing The Empress Project Podcast, running her handmade artisan accessories boutique, Empress House and blogging to her audience since 2009.

Ginnie began studying and practicing massage therapy and energy balancing work in 2001 while recovering from her own wounds. From her youth she gained her most important education about the value and impact of healthy self-esteem, and the consequences of its absence. Upon graduation from massage school she embarked on a decade long journey into healing, embracing both clinical allopathic treatments as well as alternative medicine and soul-searching practices from ancient healing traditions. These include, among others, Ayurveda, Native American and European herbal medicine, energy therapy/ vibrational medicine, crystal healing, Astrology, Tarot, oracle card reading, Alchemy, and many sources of divination and mystical study. Her most recent addition is Qabbalah, the Tree of Life and their relationship to Tarot.

In her work with clients she shares a unique blend of physically inclined holistic healing mediums -such as herbal remedies, flower essences, and nutritional supplements- with esoteric and metaphysical healing tools -such as affirmations, archetypes, Tarot, Astrology and guided journaling. Upon entering the world of holistic healing, her emphasis was on assisting her clients to embrace the messages their bodies were sending through the physical pain they were experiencing, stressing the importance of building healthy self-esteem and whole-self care, including body, mind and spirit.

Her career as a massage therapist began in a small neighborhood day spa in San Francisco’s Sunset District, where she also became one of the spa’s managers. In her eleven year her career, she has owned her own private practice and has managed one of Downtown San Francisco’s most prestigious salons and day spas. In her management work she was trained to coach through Aveda’s Coach the Coach program. She has worked on all levels of holistic healing- from the highly physically based work of teaming up with personal trainers to access a clients best performance, to the highly metaphysically based work of energy balancing and Chakra therapy to clear negative vibrations.

Ginnie continues to share her work with building self-esteem, inner wisdom and creating spiritual relationships daily. Her  youthful rebellious nature inspires others to explore the range of their own creative forces, and she is known for challenging people to look beyond their perceptions in order to discover their potential for fulfilling authentic relationships, starting with themselves. More than anything else, she is known for encouraging people to embrace themselves as they are, and to take responsibility and positive risks for harvesting the potential in dreams they hold most dear. It is her rebellious passion, whole-hearted willingness to try new things, unabashedly honest story telling and dark humor that keep her listeners, readers, clients and students loyal to her work.