Apprenticeships and Education

The Programs

In the new era of the entrepreneurial healer, it is vital to combine universal techniques with personal power and one’s intrinsic gifts. The Magnum Opus Apprenticeship programs were designed by Ginnie Jester, who has spent the last 12 years in the holistic healing arts, to help unearth your personal gifts and to utilize them in harmony with the techniques and skills taught in the program. The practical meets the mystical in these educational journeys with important structured study around Archetypes, Divination, Spirit Guides and Vibration/ Energy Medicine.

Wether you are a veteran holistic health practitioner or looking to make a career switch into work that is more congruent and fulfilling to you inner nature, the Magnum Opus 6 month and 12 month curricula were designed with the working graduate in mind. Each course is complete with a spiritual business plan component, and throughout the course Ginnie will continue to teach what she has learned about maintaining a successful and reliable practice, regardless of which area of emphasis you choose.

The Format

The style of this program is a blend of traditional lecture instruction and maieutic discovery meaning that it is based on accessing your own buried “inner truth”. (Read more about Maieutics). Since this is the blend of intentions at work in the program, each week when lecture is called for in the syllabus it will be delivered online via recorded audio file. Additionally, there will be one live hone-hour session with Ginnie each week to complete the maieutic process via Skype or Phone, as agreed upon individually prior to the commencement of the program. There is a homework component to this program that consists of an average of 30 minutes of practice each day. This practice is vital to the successful completion of the program at the professional level, and although not required at the personal level, is HIGHLY encouraged in order for you to receive the most from your experience.

This program includes:

  • weekly lecture when applicable to the program content (specified in the Syllabus)
  • instructional PDF mini-books for download and printing pertaining to each lesson
  • one weekly one-hour phone or Skype live tele class with Ginnie personally
  • 30 minutes of homework per day

Professional Vs. Personal Development

If you choose to participate in the Apprenticeship program for personal development only you may do so at a reduced price. This reduction reflects time not spent on business development and homework grading. If you should chose at a later date to pursue professional certification through the apprenticeship program, you can opt to upgrade to the professional level at the cost of the difference between programs even after study is complete. Please note that this may take time and may not be available for immediate completion as I regularly have a fairly full schedule of clients, students and apprentices cycling through my programs at any given time.


 To view the program syllabus, click here.