Beginner’s Integrated Tarot- Professional Level




In this in-depth Beginner’s course you’ll get the strong foundation you need to be able to read Tarot more helpfully, accurately and thoroughly than you ever thought possible!

This time-delivered video course is totally automated for your learning convenience, complete with video files as well as comprehensive, one-of-a-kind class textbooks, created by Ginnie Jester, graphically enhanced by Good Choice Design. You can’t get these materials ANYWHERE else as they were created by Ginnie Jester and are circulated exclusively through Magnum Opus Tarot.


In this course you will:

  1. Learn the History of Tarot and its relationship to Qabbalah, Astrology, Alchemy and Numerology.
  2. Learn the basic anatomy of a Tarot deck and how to use and care for it.
  3. Learn the basic meanings and correspondences of each of the 78 cards in a standard Tarot deck in a personally relevant and memorable way.
  4. Learn to perform basic readings for self-discovery, perspective shifting, manifestation and divination which can be performed for yourself as well as clients, friends and family.

***Some words on certification:

Tarot is not at this time a regulated profession. Certification is offered because it has been the experience of many that being able to prove course completion and competency through a reputable educational resource, such as Magnum Opus, is the best way possible at present to prove proficiency, dedication, and completion of important material regarding Tarot and readership.


What you do with this work depends largely on your level of dedication and clarity of vision. Please keep these matters in mind as you engage in your Tarot education so as to draw the most enriching experience possible.


This certificate MAY help you to do the following (though it is in NO WAY guaranteed):

-book interviews on the subject of Tarot

-attract other reputable Tarot and Esoteric professionals to your work

-secure readership positions in reputable channels for sharing your skills

-publish articles and writings on Tarot and Esotericsm

-add Tarot readings to your already established small business or healing practice

-secure teaching and leadership roles in the subject of Tarot

-book more appointments, readings and clients than without a Certificate of Course Completion


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