I meant to write this review sooner! Hired Ginnie for my annual Halloween party in 2016, and friends and family are still raving about her a year later. Very happy with her abilities and she comes highly recommended. I wanted someone with an authentic vibe who was positive and able to handle a variety of personalities—Ginnie was perfect!

Elizabeth G. FROM VACAVILLE, CA ON 10/29/2016

Ginnie was absolutely amazing! Professional, insightful and very, very sweet! She has a very warm and calming aura to her, which makes you feel instantly comfortable in her presence. My guests loved her, and she brought a unique element to our Halloween party.

Sara M. FROM MANTECA, CA ON 10/22/2016


I’m Ginnie, I read cards, and you’ve never had anyone like me at your party, guaranteed. What sets me apart from other readers is my passion for the work, my previous eclectic experience as a massage therapist, herbalist, health educator, promoter and event planner, and my experience as a Tarot deck creator and artist. I grew up in San Francisco around parties, festivals, celebrations and galas. My father was a performing DJ and I learned from an early age how to thrive in an active, loud, vibrant environment.

Combining my passion for art, photography and Tarot, I have created two Tarot decks of my own, the City Mystic * New York Tarot deck, featured as one of the Top 50 decks of the U.K.’s Tarosophist International magazine, and the City Mystic * Paris Tarot deck, featured in Vogue’s 2016 Occult Holiday Gift Guide. I currently read with my Paris deck and bring an array of other neat decks to choose from upon request.

My booth/table, my deck, my attire and my vibe reflect my appreciation for good design (I studied interior design and graphic design in college), travel, black and white photography, art and unorthodox, practical, strategic approaches to traditional Tarot visuals. As the name suggests, City Mystic encompasses my approach to Tarot whether it be in readings or in crafting decks- I am interested in bringing practical divination, wisdom and strategy to the urban environment. My mission is to enliven the sense of Magic and wonder in the vibrant, buzzing urban world, and so my work and my readings reflect this tone. In addition to my deck I also bring an assortment of crystals to adorn my table when space permits to add to the experience of the client a sense of inspiration, art, wonder and creativity.

I am interested in giving my clients an EXPERIENCE, not just a reading. My favorite event readings are done with plenty of life happening around me, laughing attendees, and great vibes all around. I like to smile, to shout over loud music to get my message across when necessary (but please don’t stick me next to a DJ booth or those messages will be a pure mystery to your guests 😉 ), and to create an artistic environment out of my reading table. I’ve read for a multitude of events from Sweet 16 parties to weddings, art gallery openings, music festivals such as Lucidity and Bicycle Day and even private goddess parties geared toward feminine empowerment and sisterhood. No matter the event, I can always find a place to settle in and make my table inviting and fun. My readings at events are geared toward uplifting material and many of my clients call them little “Tarot pep talks” that really help them to feel ready to enjoy themselves in an fun, festive environment.

Most of my party events end up with a long line of folks waiting for readings, so if you’ve got a big group that may want readings please considering adding a little more time than you think you might need. Its most fun when no one feels left out!

For events calling for more intimate wisdom, I love to practice in-depth soul-recharging readings wherein the client can go into situations they may find challenging and help to gain perspective and form a strategic game plan to tackle the issue. My three main foci in any reading are: 1. Do No Harm (I was a massage therapist after all!), 2. Love is Law (I’m always looking for where love can grow in a way that’s best for all involved in a reading) and 3. Empowerment (where does my client have the most power in the situation and how can she or he harness it as soon as possible to feel better).

I am unique in that I don’t just read Tarot, I bring the Art of Tarot to life and create an uplifting, inspiring, empowering experience for your guests.