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Magnum Opus Tarot readings observes the following personally cultivated Code of Ethics in all readings:

1.DO NO HARM- Magnum Opus Tarot readings are first concerned with the Hippocratic Oath to DO NO HARM- this means that no reader shall engage in behavior or activity that intends to harm a client or querent in any way. We aim to help, not hurt in your life situations with the tool of self-relfection.
2.Magnum Opus readings are concerned with self-reflective, spiritual-growth based interpretations of Tarot cards.
3. Although not required by law, Magnum Opus maintains a strict code of confidentiality. I will never share your information or private reading information with anyone unless required by law to do so, such as in the event there is a situation of someone else being physically harmed or the intent to self-harm. Though I am not a mandated reporter, it is my first intention to Do No Harm.
4.In my readings I adhere to the promise to always tell the truth of the reading as it presents itself to me. In this way I will maintain interpretive integrity based on a combination of the Four Main Reading Methods. I will do so compassionately, with respect and sensitivity.
5. My priority intention after Do No Harm is to read for empowering information and translation on any subject we may read about together.
6. Love is the whole of the Law. The most important facet of working with Tarot for me is to look for information that can empower love to flourish before all else. This is what many call “highest good for all involved”.
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7. I honor the sacred practice of reading by leaving my personal agendas out of the session. I read without passing judgement or opinions, my aim is simply to assist others in creating life strategies that empower them to live with a sense of fulfilled purpose.
8.I operate with the understanding that each person’s Higher Self is alive and working to support them. I therefore support and encourage my clients to follow their own Intuition/Higher Self.
9. I will never sell or coerce my clients into questionable up-sells like strange spells or expensive blessed candles. That is monkey business, in my opinion, and I have no interest in it.
10. I don’t make or attempt to make decisions for my clients. My job is to facilitate healing and growth by translating the Tarot readings as they present. Instead, I encourage my clients to make the best choices for them and seek to relay empowering information found in Tarot cards.
11. Readings involving third parties not present and non-consenting will only do so in the scope of understanding the querent’s relationship to said third party.  (It’s usually not a good idea to offer unsolicited advise 😉 ).
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12. I treat my clients with warmth, respect, kindness, dignity, and aim to honor the sacred “Being-ness” of each individual. I hold the Spiritual Conaultant’s Code as a base from which to relate to my clients.
13. I read for people of all ages, however, all private readings for children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Public and party readings will be performed for all age groups so long as other adults such as parents and/or chaperones are present.
14. All client information is stored securely on my computer and/or in my private office. All audio recorded files are deleted after 2 weeks for privacy and storage purposes.
15. When necessary I refer-out to other appropriate professionals when we reach the edge of the scope of my work and/or a Tarot reading or Spiritual Consulting capacity.
16. I honor the sacred space of our time together by maintaining a reading-only related environment and subject material, maintaining the integrity of the sacred ritual of Integrative Tarot readings.
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