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City Mystic • Zodiac Map


Hand-assembled Zodiac Map to help you start learning Astrology in a fun, easy and beautiful way today. Learn your natal chart, the basics of Astrology and much more with this interactive, user-friendly tool. Use it as a visual aid with your clients to help them follow along with elemental and astrological discussions.

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Product Description

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Zodiac Map is approx. 10.5″ in diameter. Yours comes in a handmade package like the one pictured in the listing to protect your sacred tool from scrapes, scratches and bends.

The Zodiac Map takes the abstract concepts and archetypes of Astrology and boils them down into a visual interactive tool which you can use as a starting point for understanding material such as:

Natal Charts (especially great for those starting out with a desire to understand their own better)
Learning basic Astrology

Our original tool is packed with three separate moveable wheels of information:
The inner wheel shows the houses of Astrology
The middle wheel shows the signs
The outer wheel shows the planets

Each wheel and section is complete with descriptions of that energy body (sign, house or planet) plus elemental information.

For added learning we’ve included alchemical symbols for the elements, color-coded for easy, quick reference.

Perfect for the Astrology teacher and student. Bulk discounts available upon request. We love hearing from you- please contact us with inquiries!

A separate companion book and video learning series are currently in production to accompany this tool for the beginner/Astrology student which will be available separately on our Etsy shop soon.
How do you use it?

If you’re looking at your natal chart, you can use this tool to help enhance your understanding by lining up your planets, houses and signs one-by-one. For instance, if you have a Gemini sun in the 7th house, you line up the 7th house on the houses wheel to Gemini on the middle or sign wheel and sun on the outer or planet wheel. Read what each section has to say to get a sense of what it means to have Gemini sun in the 7th house. You can repeat this process with each and every planet in your natal chart, including the north and south nodes of the moon.

A complete Astrology basics companion book to this tool will be available separately for purchase in our shop mid-February 2015.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use this tool please visit our website and join our mailing list at www.ginniejester.com to find out more about our upcoming Astrology Foundations Crash Course video tutorial series as well as our upcoming Astrology 101 ebook.
All symbols and graphics are by Chris Hopkins of City Mystic and Good Choice Design. Concept, text and visual direction by Ginnie Jester of City Mystic and Magnum Opus Tarot.

Copyright City Mystic.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 14 x .50 x 14 in


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