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Soul Nourish Series- Tarot Constellations


This month we kick it up a notch for the Soul Nourish Series as we explore the LIFELONG Numerology and Tarot dance revealing a very special part of you… called your Constellation.

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Recorded Video and Class Workbook PDF downloadable files.
These files will be provided via Dropbox for download.

**********FEBRUARY 2016: Tarot Constellations
Last month we had an illuminating series looking into your Tarot year card (see overview and links to purchase the recorded downloads in the “JANUARY 2016” section below). This month we kick it up a notch with LIFELONG Numerology and Tarot… called your Constellation.
In this quick and easy workshop we’ll learn about what a Tarot Constellation is, what your Soul, Personality and Teacher cards are, and why they are important to you… in essence, your innate SUPER POWERS are encompassed in that special archetypal party related to you and your birthday.
Much like the Sun, Moon and Rising sign in Astrology, learning your basic Tarot Constellation profile can help you:
-Create a more fulfilling, intuitive and congruent life path for yourself.
-Gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses associated with your Constellation.
-Uncover patterns and core energy vibrations associated with your birthday.
-Turn inner trials into profound triumphs.
-Deepen your bond and appreciation for yourself and your unique gifts.
-Seek and manifest opportunities that are true to YOU and your individual soul path.
-Learn how to uncover the Constellations of your loved ones so you can understand their deeper needs too!
What you’ll get when you pre-register:
-the chance to decide what you want to pay for this class. No one is turned away for lack of funds!
-links to participate in the LIVE online webinar before class begins from the comfort of wherever you are in the world!
IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT LIVE THAT’S OKAY! You’ll still also get (whether you can be there live or not):
-a video download of the class presentation once class is complete via Dropbox.
-a PDF download of the class workbook once class is complete via Dropbox.
********** JANUARY 2016: Your Year in Tarot Now that we’ve all had some time to set our intentions and settle into the rhythm of the new year, its a great time to get soulful. We begin the series and the year with a look into your soul deveolpment this year through the ever helpful lense of Tarot. You don’t need to know a thing about Tarot to participate in this class and walk away with a clear, grounded understanding of your year ahead and how to approach it. What does it really mean to have a year card and how do you work with it each and every day? Learn how to calculate your Card of the Year, how to work with it, and where to get the most bang for your buck with the energy at play for you this year. ********** SOUL NOURISHING: Monthly Series Each month Ginnie Jester, creator of City Mystic Tarot and Astrology products and founder of Magnum Opus Tarot, opens up her personal vault of empowering mystical tools, rituals and exercises. This pay-what-you-want series takes place in a fun, easy-going, personal-empowerment-focused environment on google hangouts live! To catch the next one and participate at any price you’re comfortable with, join my mailing list where you will get all the info to sign up for class before registration closes. Join the City Mystic mailing list at www.ginniejester.com information to register for the Pay-What-You-Want class. Once you sign up you will receive an email with instructions to register and secure your spot for this special, fun, intimate course ********** – See more at: http://www.ginniejester.com/product/3191/#sthash.9fQc25Mn.dpuf


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