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Strength: Tarot Card Print 11×17 Poster


11×17 Glossy  Print: NYC Greenwich Village black and white photography tarot deck print Strength from City Mystic • New York

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This print will come as an 11 x 17 print (Tabloid) on Full gloss white paper. An excerpt from the companion book is below.

The Fool is in front of The New School Dormitory, Kerry Hall. With its unusual geometric windows situated within its brass siding, the building just north east of Washington Square. Superimposed onto the building is the profile of one the lion statues flanking the entry to the New York Public Library in Bryant Park.

The Chariot carried the Fool far, far away from home. Now, in this space, the Fool is required to face Strength, to muster it, to embody it. As we first move into the world from a self-dependent, or independent, point of view, we find quickly that we must develop courage. What are we rushing ahead for if it does not involve the heart? When we come to a lesson of Strength, we are asked to become strong and radiant in heart, and to heal heartache, heartbreak and cowardice within ourselves. Strength asks us to seal up the cracks and fill the vessel of the heart with bright, strong, beaming, radiant, pure love. We learn to accept our shadow, and for the first time must take personal responsibility for healing our internal wounds. It takes the heart of a lion to overcome some of our most deeply ingrained fears, yet the Strength card tells us that we have matured to the point when we have the wherewithal and cadence to do just that.

In a reading Strength reminds you that its time to look inside and see what’s there. You have available to you the Strength to face yourself you may never have before. Acknowledge your hurt, pain, fear or resentments and actively participate in the process of healing them. Because the wounds of the heart affect the soul, we may at times seek to numb them out with substances or addictions. Strength appears to guide us away from avoidance or addiction, and to embrace our true feelings as they are, then work to heal anything that may be causing us grief or heart ache. Where in your life are you needing to be courageous and face yourself? Where do you need to forgive, trust or otherwise release constricting tension and fear? What is your wound and how do you need to begin to heal yourself?”

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