Thank You Kickstarter!

WorldKickstarterCampaignThis year we took a leap of faith and worked harder than we’ve ever worked on a passion project. After years of stumbling through the process of manifesting an artistic pursuit that we felt we could truly be proud of, we finally came to the point when we felt we had found something worth involving other people in- lots of other people.

City Mystic • New York has managed, like the city herself, to touch off a life of her own, largely with the help of our Kickstarter campaign. That life would not be possible to the degree it is existing without each and every one of our beloved backers.

We don’t have the top of a skyscraper to shout it from, otherwise we would! We have a website, and we want to take a moment to shout loudly and proudly, THANK YOU endlessly, to our backers who pledged not only their hard-earned dollars, but also time, energy and belief in us and this project. City Mystic has a bright future because of your help.

In honor of each and every one of our Kickstarter backers, we’ve compiled a list of those who made CMNY possible on the level it exists at this time. Thank you so much for helping us to print this deck and bring this dream to life

Dave Evans
Gillian Love
Jared Konopitski
Minor Arcana Press
Ashley Oppon
Lisa L. Riefer
Stacy VV
Julie Laird
Brian Thompson
Steph & Nate
Klaus-Peter Grundkoetter
Natalie ouellette
Christy Talbot, Tarot Girl Next Door
Jon Bocknek
Justine Jones
Andrew Martin
Brent Tyler
Kelly Douglass
Armond Netherly
Manfred Winter
Hiroaki Matsuno
Nadine Steidl
Mellissae Lucia
($) stephendann
Jay LeRoy
Ben Jones
Suzan Eraslan
Kim Astle
Michaela R.
Audrey Alighieri
Nikkiana Henninger
Becca Barth
Laura Trittipoe
Kimberly Fordham
The Tarot School
Assaf Rutenberg
Laura Markley
Amelia-Marie Altstadt
Holly Dallas
Mike Vermilye
Aless Piper
Stefan Spelkens
Tania Boyko
Corrine Sweet
Bill Gimbel
Mark Hopkins
David Sacks
Marjie Volk
Kaypea Ramsdale
Kritsada P.
Lynn Ng
Pete Figueiredo